What is this contest?

The contest is Britannia NutriChoice Snacker Cracker Contest. This is Britannia Nutri Choice’s endeavor to encourage people to experiment with its Sugar free Cream cracker and try and create new dishes with it.
The creators of the top 10 recipes shall stand a chance to meet celebrity Mr. Abir Chatterjee and may get a chance to cook with him. Also, the top 10 recipes stand a chance to get featured on the Britannia NutriChoice Cream Cracker pack. (Grand Prize)

In addition to the above, 10 winners everyday will get a chance to win daily prizes from Wonderchef.( Wonderchef Prize) So, buy a pack with the contest details on the wrapper, give a missed call, send in your recipe and stand a chance to win prizes!

Contest is valid only for citizens of India, who are above 18 years of age and are residents of the state of West Bengal , Assam, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Tripura, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand.

Only buyers of Britannia NutriChoice Cream Cracker who have bought a pack with “Snacker Cracker Contest” written on the front face of the pack are eligible to participate in the Contest.

The start date of the contest is 24th August 2021 and will remain in effect for Wonderchef prize till 23rd October, 2021 (contest period) and it will remain in effect for the grand prize till 10th December 2021.(extended contest period). The validity for Grand Prize shall be extended for a further period of 20 days i.e till 10th December 2021.

Purchase any *promo pack of Britannia NutriChoice CreamCracker and save the pack for future reference.

*The promo will be available across below packs of Nutrichoice Cream Cracker – 73.5gms, 300gms, 400gm.

Give a missed call to 7829833333

You will receive an SMS with links to our Website and WhatsApp chat.
You could use either of the two routes to participate and submit your entry.

If you click the WhatsApp link, you will be taken to Britannia WhatsApp number.

Please enter the Keyword SnackerCracker to initiate the conversation.

Please enter other details asked such as the following
LOT number as on your contest pack
Recipe and
a picture of the food item with you.
The picture must have you and the dish, else the same will be rejected.

Do enter all this as and when the system prompts you to do the same. When you complete the entry. You will receive a message on the WhatsApp chat saying your entry is successfully registered.

If you click on the link to the website, you will land on the contest page. Please click Participate Now button.
You will be asked to enter your phone number. After you enter the number, a One TIME Password (OTP) will be sent on your phone number. Use that to register and submit your entry.

Details that you will have to submit are the following-
LOT number as on your contest pack
Recipe &
A picture of the food item with you.
The picture must have you and the dish, else the same will be rejected.

The system gives you an option to submit immediately or save your work mid-way as draft and you could complete the same at a later date however before the last date of the contest so as to be considered for judging.

Upon submitting your entry successfully, you will be prompted with a registration number.

We are only accepting entries in English through the website. Through WhatsApp you could submit your entry in Bengali too. Please note fluency, language, grammar isn’t important. It is the recipe that is most important for us.

When you submit the entry through WhatsApp or through our microsite, you will get a confirmation message and acknowledgement number on the screen confirming that your entry has been registered.

Yes, you are welcome to send in more than one entry. However, one person can only win one prize.

Yes. You can send in multiple entries from the same number.

There will be a total of 600 winners for Wonderchef prize over a period of 60 days.

The Wonderchef prize will be a kitchen utility item from Wonderchef.

There will be 600 people who will win Wonderchef Prize and top 10 winners will get a chance to cook with Abir and may get their recipes featured on the Britannia NutriChoice Cream Cracker packs.

10 best recipes may be featured on Britannia NutriChoice Cream Cracker pack. The winners will also get to meet celebrity Mr. Abir Chatterjee and participate in a cook off with him.

This meeting may happen online or offline, depending on availability of the celebrity and also the covid 19 situation.

The shortlisted winners will be intimated via SMS on their mobile number used for participation.

Winners will have to send a clear image of the LOT number on the contest wrapper used for participation within 48 hours from the time of intimation on the email address provided in the communication. They will need to send their identity proof, age proof and residence proof. A valid government accepted identification such as Driving License, PAN, Aadhar or Passport will suffice for this.

Ten winners will be selected based on the recipe they have sent in.

Standard warranty as offered by Wonderchef will apply and is to be taken up with Wonderchef directly.

Prize is not transferable. Neither the Wonderchef prize nor the Grand Prize.

No, the winners shortlisted will be contacted vide SMS only. Please check your SMS daily.

We have partnered with a national courier service, and they will deliver the prize to you within 90 days of contest end date.

In the aforesaid instance the winner will be contacted and asked to share an alternate address where the prize can be shipped. The winner will have to ensure the prize is collected. Britannia or its agency and partners will not be responsible for traceability of the item once delivered to the alternate address shared by the winner is done.

Employees and consultants (including their immediate families) of Britannia and its service providers / agents / sponsors working on / sponsoring this Contest (including their immediate families) are not eligible to participate in this Contest.